Friday, December 16, 2011

Hurry Up class Christmas!

So here was the dilemma. Twenty mins to set up a class party for 25 kids(while they were at recess) with NO CANDY allowed. While I would of LOVED to really decorate. Time was an issue. Again, 20 minutes to set up, for a party that would last 30 minutes, with a planned activity during the party.  Overall it was really cute & the kids had a great time.
I was inspired my the colors of Maree Trueloves clip art that I posted about a week or so ago. It was a Red & Aqua Holiday!

My verision of the paper cone wreath.  I was ready to hang things from the ceiling, but thought a more practical solution was a better idea. So I glue magnets the ribbon, wreath & ornaments and "hung then up" that way. MUCH  easier then the fishing line & a ladder.

Tissue fans from Party City(5 for 1.99) attached to a light blue paper straw.

Donut Tree!!!

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