Monday, December 5, 2011

How to make Ruffled Wreath


Found this today at Dixie Delights. It looks like it requires a little patience. But with a price tag of seven dollars (per wreath) it is soooooooo totally worth it!

For each wreath you'll need:
14" foam wreath
400 1-4 cup coffee filters
hot glue
1. Wrap the wreath by spreading out coffee filters and hot gluing to attach.
2. I then separated about 50 filters in a big pile.  You want to fold the filter in fourths.  So, fold in half once and then in half again.  You'll want to pinch the bottom of the fold tightly but leave the ruffled part loose and ruffled.
3.  Apply hot glue to the point of the folded filter. 
4.  Attach the filter to the wreath.  I essentially covered all parts of the wreath that were seen when it's laying flat.  I figured having a flat back would make it much easier to hang.  Place them close together on the wreath.
5.  Repeat, making your way around the wreath until covered!  I used nearly all 400 filters on one wreath.
6.  I looped a wide, satin ribbon around the wreath and hung from the top of my living room bookcase with a strong staple gun staple.  Here's the finished back and finished front!

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