Monday, February 20, 2012

Nautical Birthday Treats

Seriously..How cute are these?! Did I mention ridiculously easy to make. This is one of those times when I think" Why didn't I think of that?!"
The info & picture were found at Matha (Suprised?? I think not)

Here's the info for her Sugary Ships
Sugary ships set sail for party guests whose names are rubber-stamped on them. Guiding each is a foil-wrapped chocolate fish. Use a knife to cut cooled crisp-rice-cereal mixture into almond shapes. Hoist the paper sails onto wooden-skewer masts (cut points off).

You can easily make these without the stamps and skewers. Markers or a printer would work. As well as using lollipop sticks & glue or tape.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hot PInk Chevron Valentines Day Wreath {Tutorial}

I can not even believe how talented this lady is! This wreath was made by Jen over at Tatertots & Jello.  I love the Chevron fabric. You have to take a look at her blog. She has been doing this for a while & you can tell. She has great ideas & easy to follow instructions.

Here are Jen's beautiful decorations & how to instrucitons in her own words :)
Great Job Jen!

I love making wreaths!! Maybe it’s a sickness. But each year I want to make a new wreath for each holiday. And Valentine’s Day ♥ is becoming one of my favorite holidays to decorate for.
In the fall I went crazy one night and ordered every single color of chevron I could find. And one of my favorite ones was the Hot Pink Chevron

To make this wreath:

I started off with a Dollar Store Wreath
Then I wrapped some quilt batting around the form. And cut a 3-inch wide strip of chevron fabric and wrapped it around the wreath form.
Then I took one of those foam packages of hearts — they are about $2 at your craft store.
I bought two different sizes of the hearts – one small and the other a little bigger. Then to make them 3-D I folded them a little bigger and sewed them.
Then I glued them on the wreath. I started with the big hearts and then filled in with the smaller ones.
Then I took an old window that I had and taped some polka-dotted cellophane to the back.
You could also add some colored paper to the back. Or even some doilies or fabric for color.
It’s a really easy and fun wreath for the ♥♥♥ Holiday!

Cuties Cones

Introducing "Cutie Cones"
 My newest invention :)

2.5" opening diameter
holds 4 oz.

These are great to hold small favors,snacks, cotton candy, ice cream, cold beverage, etc...

The inner part of the cone is water proof. However the outer part is high quality paper.

I had my son test it( he was more than happy to help with the promise of cookies & cream at 11 am)
It took about 20-25 mins to scoop, take pics & eat. {Needless to say he ate it quickly}
They stood up absolutely fine!

I will be adding more designs to my store daily! If you are looking to match a certain theme, just convo me!