Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hot PInk Chevron Valentines Day Wreath {Tutorial}

I can not even believe how talented this lady is! This wreath was made by Jen over at Tatertots & Jello.  I love the Chevron fabric. You have to take a look at her blog. She has been doing this for a while & you can tell. She has great ideas & easy to follow instructions.

Here are Jen's beautiful decorations & how to instrucitons in her own words :)
Great Job Jen!

I love making wreaths!! Maybe it’s a sickness. But each year I want to make a new wreath for each holiday. And Valentine’s Day ♥ is becoming one of my favorite holidays to decorate for.
In the fall I went crazy one night and ordered every single color of chevron I could find. And one of my favorite ones was the Hot Pink Chevron

To make this wreath:

I started off with a Dollar Store Wreath
Then I wrapped some quilt batting around the form. And cut a 3-inch wide strip of chevron fabric and wrapped it around the wreath form.
Then I took one of those foam packages of hearts — they are about $2 at your craft store.
I bought two different sizes of the hearts – one small and the other a little bigger. Then to make them 3-D I folded them a little bigger and sewed them.
Then I glued them on the wreath. I started with the big hearts and then filled in with the smaller ones.
Then I took an old window that I had and taped some polka-dotted cellophane to the back.
You could also add some colored paper to the back. Or even some doilies or fabric for color.
It’s a really easy and fun wreath for the ♥♥♥ Holiday!

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