Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Rootin' Tootin' Cowboy Party

Featured Party by Dixie Delights!

OK! This makes me want to convince my 9 year old to have a Cowboy themed birthday party.
This party was put together by Amanda at Dixie Delights  She did an AMAZING job. I am especially in love with the rope name background! Here's a look at her party& the details in her words.
Great Job Amanda!! She has loads of great parties on her Blog so be sure to check it out :)


We rounded up ten little cowpoke friends and put them though an afternoon of cowboy training.  They had a rootin tootin grand ole time earning badges as they completed each phase of cowboy schooling at the W Corral.
As the cowboys arrived, they were greeted with a W Corral bunting and Wanted Posters (featuring their somewhat shady looking faces) nailed to trees coming up the drive.
First things first, the cowpokes got their grub at the Chuck Wagon.  We couldn't hardly have ten hungry trainees on our hands.
Immediately following grub and some hearty swigs of sarsaparilla, we corralled the cowboys into the "Git Yer Gear" station where Honey conducted a brief session covering who's who and each cowpoke's assigned cowboy name, where things are on the W Corral, some repeat-after-me cowboy lingo and then what they had to do to earn their badges.  Let me just tell you that they were completely rapt with Honey's presentation.  After the session, we broke the cowboys into their three training groups and they cowboy-upped with hats, bandannas and (darling) vests (hand made by Mother.)  A cow bell was too appropriate in both signaling the changing of stations and the summoning of the cowpokes.
First on the agenda was the Horse Riding badge in the Ride em Cowboy Relay Race.
Afterwards we broke into guided groups (thank you thank you thank you Mother, Uncle C, Auntie M and Honey) to visit the rest of the training stations.  

At Stable Hand Pony Grooming, the cowpokes were blindfolded with a bandana, spun around five times and then left to pin the tail on the horse.  On completion, the cowpokes earned their Pony Grooming badges.
For Boot Toss badge, the cowpokes took five paces back from the corn hole game and tried their hand at tossing bags though the hole.
To earn Steer Roping badges, the cowpokes tossed rope rings around glass Coke bottles painted to look like cows.

Strike Gold badges were awarded after the cowpokes panned for gold at the Feelin' Lucky Gold Strike station.
At the coloring saloon, cowpokes made their own Wanted Posters and earned Crayola Corral badges.
All cowboys need to know their way around the horses' shoe, hence they earned the Horseshoes badge after a friendly, no horsing around allowed, round of the game.
And after the cowpokes had made their way around all the stations, they came together again for a grand finale marshmallow shoot-out.  Honey fashioned a pvc pipe marshmallow shooter for each little cowpoke and they went to town waging a full fledged marshmallow battle.  These shooters were the impetus for the whole party, after the PCP fell head over heels in love with the one my Uncle John sent him nearly a year ago.
After the shoot-out, the little cowpokes were awarded their shiny silver cowboy badges as a symbol of their full fledged status and completion of training at W Corral.  
With all the activities behind us, we lit SIX candles and sang "Happy Birthday" to Gentleman Johnny. 
The dessert table boasted Bonfire S'mores, Snake in my Boot sour strips, Rope a Steer licorice sticks, Swing Yer Partner swirly pops, Cowpoke cake pops, a good ole fashioned birthday cake.
The Watering Hole served up Water fresh from the W Corral, Lucky Lemonade, Cowpoke Chocolate Milk and Sioux City Sarsaparilla.
We then bagged up the loose candy and used the cowboy's bandannas to pack up the rest of the goodies for the road, wishing them happy trails on their travels.

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