Friday, November 18, 2011

How to make Cupcake Toppers

I've spent years making cupcake toppers in any & every theme that you can think of. From Super Mario to Strawberry Shortcake. You name it, I've made it.

Here are some quick directions to help you make your own. Be sure to check out my Freebies page for Free printable images that you can use :)

Supplies :Scissors or Paper Punches
Photo paper or round label sheets
Hot Glue gun & glues sticks( you can use glue dots & other adhesives, but hot glue works better. JUST BE CAREFUL)
Lollipop stick or toothpick

Computer and printer


  • Find an image or images you would like for your cupcake toppers. Print them out onto photo paper or cardstock. I prefer photo paper. *You can also print your images onto round labels. If you use this method, you can skip the next step.

  • Punch out or cut out your images using scissors into whatever shape you would like. The most popular cupcake topper shapes are circles, scalloped, rectangle and square.

  • Select cardstock for your background and punch out or cut out that as well. *The background needs to be slightly larger than your image. So, if your image is 1.5", your background paper needs to be 2".

  • Attach a lollipop stick or  toothpick using glue to your cupcake topper. You can attach the stick to the back of the cardstock or in between the cardstock and image. It will be layered. SO you can't see the stick on the back

  • Optional: Embellish your paper cupcake toppers with ribbon, gems, die cuts shapes, cut outs, etc. Instead of two layers of matting, add 3 or more. You can even attach another image to the back of the topper to make them doublesided. The ideas are endless!

  • Here are some images of items I have made in the past


    Angry Birds

    Monster High
    Zebra Print

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